Big Year

Whats a Big Year? 

A Big Year is about pushing your wildlife searching skills to its boundary. For most folks a big year relates to birds, but we believe it can be used for many wildlife now that listing is gaining traction for mammals, insects, and other creatures. For our Big Year we are aiming to see 500 bird species in the USA in 2021. Last year we managed about 260, so we have roughly doubled what we saw last year just for the challenge! 


Bird of the Month

Welcome to bird of the month. Our community sponsored game to highlight some of the greatest birds around the world through photography and art. Heres how it works:

1. The first of every month we select one species of bird to be the bird of the month.

2. Before the end of that month you send us your best bird photo or drawing (abstract to exact is accepted). send to

3. We will select our two favorites for a free combo pack and feature on this webpage (instagram and facebook too).

There is no cost to join, but we ask you only submit a maximum of one photo or drawing each month. If you win, please take a month or two off to let some other folks get a chance!