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Plitvice National Park - Walking through Waterfalls

Croatia is full of stunning national parks unlike anywhere else. Plitvice retains a beauty that has been preserved over time and the country has invested well into their park system. As Croatia enters the schengen region of Europe they have become extremely tourist friendly with affordable Airbnb’s and plenty of local transport.

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The Best National Parks to Enjoy Some Wilderness Coffee

Avery here, I have traveled extensively through America's National Parks and one of my favorite things to enjoy is coffee while in the parks. Here is a list of my favorite places to visit and enjoy a cup of brew in the wilderness. My coffee always comes out of my backpack and Big Year Coffee is the best tasting way to enjoy coffee in the middle of nowhere. 3. Grand Teton National Park There is no better view of the Rockies than in the Grand Teton's. From the valley floor looking east there are many great pull offs for your car, camper, or van to stop, open the back hatch, and enjoy some coffee. One of my favorites is the...

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