About Big Year Coffee

Big Year Coffee began while we were on our very own Big Year trip in 2019. A few months into our trip, we fell in love with with the pour-over filters we were using in Japan and thought they'd be great for travelers, birders, campers, bikers - any sort of adventurer really! When we got home and realized these filters and coffee were hard to come by, Big Year Coffee was born. 

When it came to naming our business, we wanted a name that represented our love of bird watching. In the birding world, a Big Year is a challenge to identify as many birds as possible in a pre-determined time or location. These challenges can be audacious and global or as simple as identifying few new birds in your county. or backyard. Over time, a Big Year became synonymous with our adventure, exploring new environments and working towards a goal, it was the perfect name for our new small business. Not to mention Avery was beginning his first big year when we began the idea for the company.

We started Big Year Coffee with the hopes of combining the familiarity of a great cup of coffee with our love of outdoor adventures and bird-watching. We hope you join us along in our journey, as you travel the world, camp, or just enjoy a cup of coffee on the go! We are now working with new artists to share our love for bird clothes, accessories and merchandise. Keep in touch through our blog or Instagram, we'd love to hear from you. 

Avery & Kait - The Big Year Coffee Team
Avery and Kait Big Year Coffee Owners