About Big Year Coffee

Big Year Coffee (BYC) stands as the premier coffee destination for every bird enthusiast seeking Smithsonian Bird Friendly® certified Coffee. Founded by avian ecologist Avery Meeker, BYC emerged from Avery's recognition of the necessity for a coffee enterprise prioritizing avian welfare, rooted in the Pacific Northwest.

Avery's journey towards championing sustainable coffee practices was ignited during a visit to the tropics as a young student in college at the University of Washington. Confronted by the profound repercussions of industrial agriculture on tropical avifauna, Avery's mentality about his consumption of coffee was stirred while gazing upon fields of sun-grown coffee monocultures juxtaposed against lush, biodiverse forests teeming with life. This experience crystallized during an encounter at a local family-owned finca cultivating shade-grown coffee, where Avery, accompanied by a distinguished professor of avian ecology, conducted bird counts that revealed a stark contrast in avian abundance and species diversity between shaded and sunlit environments. Subsequent scholarly research, notably by Çağan H. Şekercioğlu, reinforced the pivotal role of shade-grown coffee in preserving avian habitats and fostering robust bird populations.

The imprint of this experience fueled Avery's passion to establish his own coffee enterprise from the ground up, with a steadfast commitment to featuring shade-grown, bird-friendly® certified coffee on the menu. Motivated by an unwavering dedication to safeguarding the biodiverse ecosystems of tropical regions, Avery ensured that the coffee sourced for Big Year Coffee adheres to the highest standards of shade-grown techniques, using organic cultivation, free from genetically modified organisms and pesticides. Thus, the coffee beans procured by Big Year Coffee epitomize purity and flavor, encapsulating the essence of nature in every brew.

The namesake for Big Year Coffee originates from the classic quest of every birder, to see as many birds as possible. For Avery, the concept of a Big Year transcends enumeration, embodying the spirit of adventure, exploration, and goal pursuit. Symbolizing the inception of their entrepreneurial endeavor, the name "Big Year Coffee" evokes the ethos of embarking on new frontiers and embracing life's myriad adventures.

At its core, Big Year Coffee aspires to harmonize the familiarity of a superb cup of coffee with the joy of outdoor escapades, exploring nature, and bird-watching pursuits. As fellow birders traverse the globe, embarking on twitching expeditions, or savoring slow mornings at their bird-feeders with a steaming cup of coffee, Big Year Coffee endeavors to be a steadfast companion along their journey. Stay connected with BYC through our blog or Instagram, and share your own "Big Year" moments with us.


- Avery