A fiery-billed aracari looks through the canopy

Bird Friendly® Coffee

Our certification supports:

  • 1,786 Bird Species
  • 5,018 Coffee Growers
  • 14,866 Ha of Land across 12 countries

Our goal at Big Year Coffee is to change the agricultural business to protect birds from harmful farming practices, while providing delicious, high-quality coffee. We have perfected our roasting techniques by roasting only Bird Friendly® beans, meaning you are getting the highest quality coffee from a trusted roasting process. 

Not only is our coffee certified Smithsonian Bird Friendly®, but it is also certified USDA organic, containing less pesticides and herbicides than tradition coffee. We also use compostable packaging that is TUV home compostable verified. Just remove the sticker and compost away! We are always working to make our business as sustainable as possible and trying to minimize our carbon footprint.

Furthermore, the commitment of Big Year Coffee to avian conservation is exemplified by our head roaster and founder, Avery Meeker. A trained avian ecologist, Meeker holds a Master of Science in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Washington. He has contributed to bird conservation efforts as an avian researcher and field technician in both Denali and Yosemite National Parks. His efforts have notably aided in the protection of long-distance migratory species on their breeding grounds, which inhabit coffee fields during the winter months. This truly epitomizes bird friendly practices.