a pachage of bird friendly big year coffee sits upright next to a feather and pair of binoculars
8oz bag of ethiopian natural grade one sits on a wood cutting board with coffee beans displayed in front
Ethiopian Bird-friendly Coffee

Ethiopian Bird-friendly Coffee

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Featuring a new dark roast! Your favorite Ethiopian bird-friendly beans, with a bit more bite. Try now, limited quantities available.

Big Year Coffee is proud to partner with Asikana farms in western Ethiopia to bring you some of Africa’s best-tasting, natural grade 1 arabica coffee. Grown at 1500-1700m this is one of the most premium bird-friendly coffees in the specialty coffee industry.

Farm: Asikana Farms

Tasting Notes: Fruity with strong floral notes.

Elevation: 1700m 

For maximum flavor try the lighter roast which preserves more of the flavors and complexities in the bean. Our favorite method of brewing this is through our pour-over filters to maximize flavor.

Feature Species: White-cheeked Turaco

White-cheeked turaco image flying with bright red orange underwings open in flight.

This fascinating and beautiful species is endemic to Africa. Turacos are the only bird species to possess true red and green pigments. They do this by synthesizing copper, while most other birds create these colors through their feather structures. Turacos sometimes are considered an agricultural pest in some farming regions due to their feeding habits. We are proud to protect a bird like the Turaco because it is a natural seed disperser in forests.